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C & J Baked Goods: A family that bakes together, stays together

One Saturday in 2004, Barb Nobis and her husband, Denny brought Barb’s cinnamon rolls to the Mexico Farmers Market. The rolls sold out. This was no surprise to Jeannie, Barb’s daughter-in-law and kindred baker. She calls Barb, “one of the best bakers, ever.” From there, Barb started to make bigger batches and eventually added homemade bread, pies, and produce from Barb and Denny’s garden in Paris, Missouri.

In 2006, Barb began bringing her baked goods, jams, produce and pickles to the Columbia Famers Market, under the name of Grandma Barb’s Pies and Produce. Two years later—after Barb retired from her job managing Able’s Quick Shop in Paris—she increased the quantity and the variety of what she sold in Columbia.

Over the years, Barb, Denny, Jeannie and Jeannie’s daughter, Catie, have baked goods for farmers markets in Paris, Hannibal, and Columbia.

In 2012, Jeannie joined Barb at the Columbia Farmers Market.

Jeannie had taken over the baking duties. “I have loved to bake for as long as I can remember,” she said. “When I was 7 years old, I made homemade biscuits for my family,” Jeannie states.

“Grandma Barb retired in 2016 from the farmers market,” Jeannie said. She and Denny, “are enjoying extensive trips to Alaska, Louisiana, Texas and wherever. They have earned the privilege of doing what they want, when they want.”

In 2016, Jeannie continued to carry the legacy under the name of C & J Baked Goods.

She brings her baked goods, jams, fudges, breads, sweets and much more! Jeannie looks forward to every Saturday where she continues to enjoy the “diversity of people, and cultures that the Columbia Farmers Market brings.”

“I have loved to bake for as long as I can remember"
-Jeannie Nobis

Cinnamon French Toast

Barb and Jeannie offered this recipe, made from their cinnamon bread, which “makes the best French Toast,” Jeannie said. Jeannie also notes that you can freeze what you don’t eat and microwave, “for a quick breakfast.”
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