Table at CFM

Thank you for your interest in the Columbia Farmers Market. The Farmers Market welcomes nonprofit organizations and community information groups to participate in the Market when space is available. It is important to know, due to limited space, we are often jam-packed with our farmers and producers. Our vendors are our first priority when it comes stall placement.  Religious and political groups, petitioning and signature gathering are not allowed within the market. These groups are only permitted outside the market boundaries. Organizations tabling at the Columbia Farmers Market are not allowed to sell anything, unless approved by the Board of Directors. All organizations must submit an application and agree to abide by Columbia Farmers Markets rules and regulations.

There are two categories for nonprofit organizations and community information groups tabling at the Columbia Farmers Market:

1) Nonprofits organizations and community information groups falling within the scope of CFM’s Mission Statement: The mission of the Columbia Farmers Market is to provide both the local farmer and consumer a reliable, regulated marketplace for the direct exchange of high quality and safe food. By facilitating such commerce the market strives to meet the needs of the local consumer while encouraging sustainable agriculture in mid-Missouri.

Organizations whose focus is on issues directly related to the mission of the Columbia Farmers Market, i.e. agriculture, food and the environment, will be placed at the market’s educational center, The Greenhouse.  Organizations must provide interactive activities, preferably for children.  All activities must be submitted to the Market Manager for approval.  You will be provided a 10ft x 10ft tent and a picnic table. Your display should be able to fit within that area.  There is no charge to set up at The Greenhouse.  If more space is needed, approval must go through the Market Manager.

2) Nonprofits organizations and community information groups which do not fall within the scope of the Columbia Farmers Market’s mission or do not wish to set up in The Greenhouse.

The Market will accept reservations from all other nonprofits organization for one Saturday during the season (once during Summer Market and once during Winter Market).  The Columbia Farmers Market allows nonprofit organizations and community information groups to have space at the Market in a designated area which is determined and assigned by the Market Manager. The Market charges these organizations a $25 fee.  Tents and setup equipment will not be provided.  Each leg of tents must be weighted down with no less than 30 lbs. per leg.

Your group is expected to follow all Columbia Farmers Market rules and policies.  Please review them here. All groups must be set up by 7:45 am.  If your group is a “no show, no call” you will not be allowed to table at the market in the future. Access to electricity is limited, if needed, please specify on application.  Please check in at the Oasis booth for stall placement.

Thank you for thinking of the Columbia Farmers Market and considering it as a public outreach opportunity for your organization. For more information please e-mail the Market Manager

Tabling Application