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The Salad Garden: Longtime organic farmer moves toward fermentation

Dan Kuebler grew up in Hermann, Missouri where his German parents and grandparents showed him how to garden, implanting a love for gardening,  the great taste of fresh food, and a long-held belief that farming is a noble profession.

Back in 1977, Kuebler bought 30 acres on rolling hills in Ashland, Missouri. He planted an organic garden for the family, and subscribed to Organic Gardening magazine. He was a physical therapist by day but in his heart he wanted to be a farmer.

In 1990, he became serious about growing organic produce and started his business The Salad Garden. He sold his organic produce at the Columbia Farmers Market (CFM), restaurants, and local health food stores. He enjoyed being a vendor at the market, meeting friends and making new ones every Saturday morning. In 2013, he focused on producing fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, kimchi, and kosher dill pickles, under the “Farmer Dan’s” label.

He became a leader in the community serving as president of the CFM, and nine years on CFM Board of Directors. In 2000, he co-founded Sustainable Farms & Communities creating the vision for a permanent farmer’s market structure.

Now, after 28 years of active farming, The Salad Garden is transitioning. Dan is actively in conversation with the next generation of committed, small-scale farmers creating opportunities for continuing sustainable, organic, biodynamic, and restorative practices on his 30 acre farm.  This is an exciting time in the local food community as veteran farmers are retiring and wanting to assist the next generation of young farmers to continue evolving and expanding on feeding our communities.  Check out Dan's website at MOEARTH.COM to learn about his newest business venture, MOEarth.

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