Columbia Farmers Market

Build this Town: Columbia's Agriculture Park

With construction started in 2017, Columbia's Agriculture Park is transforming life in Columbia as we know it. Here’s a snapshot of what's in the works:

  • A year-round covered facility for the Columbia Farmers Market. This space will be available to the community outside of farmers market hours.
  • An interactive urban farm where you can learn about how food is grown. The food grown at the park will also provide meals to struggling families.
  • An outdoor nature playground where you can bring the little ones to explore the natural world around them. School groups and summer camps will use this fun outdoor space when they visit the Agriculture Park.
  • A multi-purpose building for special events like weddings, conferences, and parties. The event space will have a commercial kitchen for preparing healthy meals and teaching hands-on cooking classes.
  • Outdoor recreational trail. The trail will promote people to be more active.

What else can this park do for you?

Like an onion, there are many layers to this project. As organizers continue to receive input from the community the list of features and benefits continues to grow. For more information on the campaign or to donate please visit

Rent the MU Health Care Pavilion

Please contact Columbia Parks and Recreation to rent the MU Health Care Pavilion.

Columbia Farmers Market
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