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Niobrara Naturals: All natural handcrafted goodness

Sometimes you can’t have it all…unless you are Zach and Sarah Munger of Niobrara Naturals. As sole creator of the natural skincare products, Sarah started the business in 2013 as her full-time job. Husband Zach joined her in 2020, turning the business into a family business. When asked what they do for a living, they are quick to provide a list of handcrafted, 100 percent natural skincare products.

“We do everything ourselves, from making the products, developing the recipes for them, designing labels and labeling products, packaging orders, social media marketing, and everything in-between,” Sarah said. “There is never a lack of something to do!”

Each of their products has beneficial properties, and the natural skincare products do not contain synthetic nor harmful chemicals, Sarah said. 

“Each product we offer has been carefully developed and is handcrafted to a high standard of quality. You can use our products confidently, knowing that your skin will love them and that each product is safe and beneficial for you.”

On market days, Zach and Sarah reap the rewards of knowing they are helping their customers as well as making a living with their own hands. 

“We enjoy interacting with our customers and helping them live healthier, happier lives by providing them with natural skincare products to meet their needs,” Sarah said. “It is rewarding to hear testimonials from our customers, such as how using the goat milk soap and body butter significantly improved their child's eczema after struggling with it for years or how they finally found a natural deodorant that works for them. It is so satisfying to take raw, natural ingredients and turn them into beautiful, handcrafted skincare for others to use and enjoy.”

In addition to body products, they make clean-burning soy candle scents perfect for warming any room of your home.

If you can’t attend Saturday market, customers can order and ship Niobrara Naturals gift sets directly to friends and family through the online store at The store provides information about each of their products and photographs of the family business in its blog.

"Each product we offer has been carefully developed and is handcrafted to a high standard of quality."
-Niobrara Naturals
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