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Hickory Hill Pastures: A Little Slice of Heaven…and Chicken, Pork, and Turkey

On the family farm located in Boonville, Ron and Sherry Brignac, owners of Hickory Hill Pastures, found their little slice of heaven. What began as a personal goal of producing healthful, sustainable meat has evolved into a successful business. 

In 2015, their goal to maintain farm-raised animals unleashed not only their entrepreneurial potential but also a personal mission of providing quality farm-raised products to their customers. Their pasture-raised chicken, turkey, and pork are supplemented with non-GMO organic feed. In addition, once the chickens leave the brooder, they spend 100 percent of their time on the pasture. To manage weeds on the farm, five goats, a retired 30-year-old donkey, and a pet rescue pig “run all over the farm in their little posse,” Ron said.

At the Hickory Hill Pastures booth, find Cornish cross meat chickens in whole or cut-up versions. In addition to chicken, they also provide pork year round. During the weeks prior to Thanksgiving, whole turkeys, parted out turkeys, and ground turkey are available.

Market staples such as ground pork, breakfast sausage, flavored brats, and fresh eggs also are available at their booth.

Since they began selling at the market in 2017, Ron and Sherry have enjoyed their market experience. “We love meeting our customers and developing friendships with them and also other vendors,” Ron said. “Providing healthy products is our main goal and raising animals humanely and giving them a happy life. It is so important for people to eat natural unprocessed food. People need to know where their food comes from.” 

When asked what they love most about what they do, it is clear they take great pride in the day-to-day tasks of farm life. 

“Our day starts with chores, feeding animals, moving them to fresh grass, and then we head to Columbia for our full-time jobs,” Ron said. “After work we head home and do chores all over again.” In the summer months, it is not uncommon for them to put in five hours of chores on top of their eight-hour day jobs.

Weekends are dedicated to Columbia Farmers Market and work on the farm. They tend a 15-acre orchard of Chestnut and Hazelnut trees, blackberries, and elderberries. 

“We love our farm, our animals, and our animals love what we do for them,” Ron said.

In addition to selling at the market, Hickory Hill Pastures sells its products to two local CFM vendors, Honey Creek Farm and Pasta La Fata. Plus, you can find the products at Blue Bell Farm events.

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“Providing healthy products is our main goal and raising animals humanely and giving them a happy life.” 
-Ron Brignac, Hickory Hill Pastures

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