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Blade Runner Sharpening: Giving dull tools a fine edge

You can be certain there are no dull tools at the home of Corby Roberts and his wife, Kathryn Oberg-Roberts. Corby sharpens just about any tool that has an edge. The Abilene, Texas native moved to Columbia in the fall of 2001. He opened Blade Runner Sharpening in November 2008, after a family friend and knife sharpener, Mike Solaegui, suggested he find a niche in the knife-sharpening business. 

“I quit my job and started from zero,” Corby said. “I spent four weeks training with Mike, who runs Perfect Edge Sharpening in San Mateo, California.”

Corby’s shop and sharpening tools are situated in the back of his truck, so he can take his mobile sharpening service to hotels, restaurants, and nursing homes.

Since 2009, he has offered sharpening services at Columbia Farmers Market. He likes coming to the market, he said, because he enjoys the family and community atmosphere. Kathryn often helps him at the market. 

“My twin sons, Nathan and Preston, sometimes work for me, too. The three of them take orders, run the register, hand out fliers about my services, and talk to customers while I sharpen.” 

Corby can sharpen and restore any type of knife, including stamped, forged, serrated, ceramic, and Japanese single-bevel knives. He also sharpens swords, machetes, axes, scissors, clipper blades, food processors, hair shears, mandolins, and lawn mower blades. 

For more information, visit BLADERUNNERSHARPENING.COM.

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