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Barred Owl Butcher & Table: Making good food from good ingredients, raised by good people

Ask anyone who loves good food in Columbia, Barred Owl Butcher & Table is known for its masterful and thoughtful preparation of exceptional locally sourced ingredients. Incorporating time-honored techniques and modern sensibilities alike, the skilled butchers honor the dedicated work of local, small-farm partners by making the most of every cut. Founded in 2016 by Joshua Smith, Ben Parks and Brandy Hughes, this equal parts New World butcher shop and Old World delicatessen crafts beloved seasonal cuisine that keeps locals coming back for more. 

Inventive and playful, the experts at Barred Owl excel at using Columbia Farmers Market products in harmony with its whole-animal philosophy. Specializing in whole-animal butchery and the craft of charcuterie, the whole-animal philosophy provides Barred Owl the opportunity to make formerly discarded parts the centerpiece of the meal, giving each individual ingredient the opportunity to shine. With an array of charcuterie, smoked meats, and prepared foods, Barred Owl’s market offerings are the basis of its restaurant at 47 E. Broadway. Whether it be handmade pickles, in-house condiments, fresh baked crackers, or breads and spreads to accompany its charcuterie, the consideration taken when crafting the restaurant menu now can be enjoyed for meals at home. Overlooking nothing makes Barred Owl’s market offerings just as delicious as meals in the restaurant.

Before joining the farmers market in 2020, partners Joshua and Ben participated at the annual Farm to Table Fundraiser Dinner. Joshua also has conducted numerous What’s Cooking demonstrations at the market. Frequently, both partners buzz about the market collecting their weekly ingredients.

When asked why Barred Owl joined the market, Joshua said, “We chose to become market vendors to expand upon our connection to and involvement in our community and local food economy. Being a part of the community of local food producers and providing our neighbors with delicious food and beverages is what drives us.

“Transparency, sustainability, and the reverberating positive economic impact of keeping dollars in the community” are all key reasons for joining the market. 

The team at Barred Owl is not new to the food scene.

“I have been in the food service industry in some capacity or another since I was 16, so 23-plus years,” Joshua said. “I have done so in a management and/or ‘chef’ role since I the age of 23 and have been actively honing my butcher and charcuterie skills for the past 13 years. My partners have each also been in the restaurant/hospitality business for 20-plus years. Brandy has held positions as varied as catering chef to general manager, while Ben is a chef with a strong kitchen pedigree and a degree from the famed CIA (The Culinary Institute of America) to boot!”

The partners invite you to take a piece of Barred Owl Butcher & Table home. Once you are officially hooked, stop by the restaurant and discover why Barred Owl is at the top of every foodies list.

“Being a part of the community of local food producers and providing our neighbors with delicious food and beverages is what drives us.” 
-Joshua, Barred Owl Butcher & Table
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