Columbia Farmers Market

P.O. Box 10012, Columbia, MO 65205
Market Cell 573-823-6889

Rules & Regulations, Effective February 17, 2015
1. What Can Be Sold

A. Raw Agricultural Products: This category includes fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs, flowers, bedding plants and potted plants. Bedding plants and potted plants must be grown from seed, starter plugs, cutting, bulbs or bare root, and be well established in its current container, by the seller. No resale of pre-finished plants is allowed. No sale of prefinished plants purchased in individual re-sellable containers. Production records must be maintained and available to Board of Directors if requested.

B. Value-added Agricultural Products: This category includes products made of raw agricultural products grown/raised/produced by a CFM vendor that have been processed. Examples are jams and jellies, salsas, oils, vinegars, baked goods, cider, molasses, ice cream, burritos, sandwiches, picked out nuts, etc., and similar processed products that may not be covered by other CFM rules. Vendors of value-added products must abide by all applicable federal, state, and local health and label regulations. The value-added product must contain significant/meaningful material grown or produced by the vendor. If value added products would be enhanced by additional items such as condiments, bread products, fruits or vegetables, etc., every effort should be made to obtain the additional items locally, preferably from other CFM vendors. The vendor must complete the Value Added Food Application for specific value-added items and send it to the CFM Board for review. Approval for one specific value-added item does not grant approval for additional items. Applications need to be submitted three weeks prior to the selling date.

C. Artisan Products: This category includes farm, garden, or food related crafts and value-added agricultural products made without raw agricultural products grown by the member. Every effort must be made to obtain ingredients from other CFM vendors. Examples include: baked goods, juried arts and crafts, handmade soap, handcrafted furniture, other garden related products, pottery and similar items. The member selling them must have created these items. These products are admitted at the discretion of the Board, for members in good standing only. Any stall with greater than 50 percent artisan products in member’s possession at the opening bell of a market session shall be an artisan stall. Artisan stalls shall not number more than 10 percent of the total membership.

D. Meat and Other Animal Products: This category includes meats, poultry, milk, cheese, eggs, farm-raised fish, honey, wool, leather, and other products derived from animals. All slaughter animals shall be in the vendor’s immediate custody, care and control a minimum of 50 percent of the animal’s life at time of slaughter. Vendors must abide by all applicable federal, state and local regulations and inspection regimes. In addition, they must adhere to federal or state guidelines on all labels. All animals sold as cut meat at the Columbia Farmers’ Market should come from a known source; no resale of trader or sale barn livestock and no livestock from any condemned or “for slaughter only” herds shall be sold in any form. No live animals are to be sold at the market. No live animals will be displayed without a week’s advance permission from the Board. Placement of animals shall be determined by the Board. Animals will be displayed no closer than 20 feet from food products.

E. Samples: All samples must be offered within the vendor’s assigned space. Samples can be cut or opened for displays at the market if properly wrapped, but they cannot be sold. Free samples may be given to customers in accordance with Columbia Health Department regulations. (573-874-7355)

F. Special Events: All Special Events serving prepared foods must be approved by the Board of Directors and Market Manager on a case by case basis and must source as many products as possible from CFM members. Keeping with our mission of promoting healthy foods, the resale of prepackaged foods and drinks are not allowed. Special events include chefs, cooking demos, nonprofit fundraisers and caterers for example. Special event hosts are not allowed to become market members nor will they have voting rights. Current CFM members may host special events with the Board of Director’s approval. The Market Manager will assign placement at market and schedule Special Events. Daily fees for special events will be set by the Board of Directors on an annual basis and assessed at the Market Manager’s discretion with fees being waived for nonprofits, fund raisers and community demos with the Board’s approval.

2. Vendor Guidelines

A. Vendor Agreement: All vendors must complete and sign a vendor agreement with the Columbia Farmers Market and pay appropriate fee prior to selling. The Columbia Farmers Market, Inc. reserves the right to prohibit anyone from selling at the market and to cancel the privileges of any member who in the opinion of the Board of Directors has violated the rules governing the market. Participant or member has the right to respond in writing to the board, to include an explanation of how the violations in question will be remedied. The market board reserves the right to make a final decision on the response. Fees will not be refunded. Participants or members wishing to return to the market following expulsion must apply to the Board of Directors for re-admittance and pay appropriate fee(s) prior to selling.

B. Farm Inspections: Vendors may sell only their own products as per Rule 1. The resale of any products that are not grown or produced by the member/vendor, in the area as defined in Rule 4.A, is strictly forbidden. The Board of Directors may hire an inspector of their choice to conduct the inspections. Refusal to allow an inspection is grounds for indefinite suspension. In order to preserve the reputation of CFM as a producers only market, any member who purchases any product from any produce markets/auction or individual for resale will be considered to be in violation of this rule and forfeits their membership. (Members who purchase produce to be used in their artisan products would need this listed on their Value-Added application.) Any member/vendor found to be in violation of this rule will be immediately and permanently expelled from the market without refund of any fees. Daily vendors wishing to sell at the market will submit a $40, non-refundable, inspection fee along with their application and agree to have an inspection as soon as the inspection committee or inspector can arrange a time. If the vendor refuses to schedule an inspection, the potential vendor will not be allowed to sell.

C. The Board of Directors reserves the right to place a moratorium on membership.

D. The Board of Directors may form an advisory committee consisting of members from the community to assist in the promotion and development of the market.

E. Vendors that offer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares may promote and distribute their shares at the Market. However, CSA shares distributed at the Market must follow all CFM regulations including Rule 2B (producer-only); CSA shares containing items not produced by the CSA vendor may not be distributed during market hours.

F. Each vendor should set their own prices.

G. Any grievance regarding vendors should not be directed to the vendor in question. The initial grievance should be reported to the Market Manager, who will bring it to the attention of the Board of Directors. The Board will determine if a special meeting needs to be called to settle the grievance.

H. Inappropriate language or behavior, profanity, or other harassment or abuse by a member or participant toward another member or participant, employee, or customer of the market is grounds for immediate and permanent expulsion from the market.

I. Each vendor is encouraged to provide scales of certified accuracy (‘Legal for Trade’), display racks or tables, sacks, money for change and post prices in full view of the consuming public with lettering and signs being limited to the individual stall area. It is the responsibility of individual vendors to maintain a clean and healthful condition within their assigned area and to leave that area free of debris. Products should be displayed in an attractive manner.

J. Canopies, tents and umbrellas shall always be safely secured from unexpected weather events by attaching all four corners to weights. Unsecured tents may not be used.

K. An aisle wide enough for vehicle traffic must be left open to allow movement of vehicles around the outside edges of the market. If vendor’s vehicles + trailers, etc. obstruct this lane, vendors will be asked to move them. There will be no perpendicular parking around the outside of the market area.

L. Vendor signage must be safely secured and not impose a hazard. Any signage that obstructs the view of another vendor’s booth or extends into the public walk area is not allowed. Elevated signs extending into the walkway will be allowed if they do not impede traffic flow.

M. No political signage allowed at market. In order to respect the beliefs and views of all CFM members and customers no political signage will be allowed at market. Only signage directly promoting market related events will be allowed. All material must be approved by the Market Manager before displaying. Anyone wishing to pass out material and/or collect signatures will be directed outside of the market boundaries (outside of the cones at the East entrance and on the outside of the South fence).

N. Disciplinary Action Rule-Vendors in violation of any rules may receive up to two (2) verbal warnings from the Market Manager. If a third (3) violation occurs then the vendor will receive a written warning from the Board of Directors. If a fourth (4) violation occurs the vendor is subject to loss of member in good standing status and expulsion from the market.

3. Market Hours

A. The Saturday market operates year round, closed the Saturday after Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Saturday outdoor market will be open from mid-March through the last Saturday of October. Dates are flexible during the months of March, April, and October on Saturday only (8 a.m. – noon). The Winter Market will operate November through mid-March. Weekday markets will be Wednesday (4-6 p.m.) and Thursdays (3-6 p.m.) May through October, and Mondays (4-6 p.m.) June through September. Days, hours and location may be modified by Board of Directors.

B. No product may be sold, distributed or bagged by customer until opening time. However, vendors may purchase from each other prior to market opening. There shall be no customer vehicular traffic in or out of the Market area proper during Market hours. Escorted vendor traffic will be allowed only with the Market Manager’s permission. One hour will be allowed for finishing sales and clean up after closing time.

C. Saturday Member Arrival – Members with or without annual spaces must notify the Market Manager by Thursday at noon of their attendance

D. Unoccupied Member Stalls– At 7:00 a.m., stalls will be available for assignment by the Market Manager to qualified or daily vendors.

E. Failure to Show – Members with annual spaces who have made arrangements to hold a stall(s) and who does not show up for the market by opening bell at 8 a.m. must be in the stall(s) prior to 7:00 a.m. at their next attendance to Saturday market.

4. Membership

A. Residence and all production must be within any contiguous counties or a 50 mile radius of the Columbia Farmers’ Market (1701 W. Ash Street). Any current members approved prior to 2014 will be grandfathered in. Any vendors growing products outside this area must be individually approved by the Board of Directors on an annual basis.

B. Anyone wishing to become a member or participant must apply for admission by April 1. Application will be submitted to the Board of Directors and the Market Manager will notify applicant of the Board’s decision. All new applicants must submit a non-refundable $30 application fee with application. All approved vendors must be inspected before selling. Members must sell at least 10 percent of the season’s markets to remain in good standing. (Exceptions may be made by the Board of Directors on a case by case basis.)

C. Transfer of Seniority – At the death or retirement of a member in good standing, membership seniority can be continued by an immediate family member or active partner, as listed on the vendor application and approved by the Board of Directors. Membership seniority cannot be transferred by the sale of a business. The new owner must apply for membership as a new member. A member may take a one year sabbatical from market due to unforeseen circumstances with the approval of the Board. All fees must be paid in full in order to retain full seniority.

D. Emails/Mailing List – All communications to the membership as a whole should be sent to the Market Manager for distribution. Emails sent to the membership shall be sent only by the Market Manager as approved by the Board of Directors. Members shall not use the membership list for mass electronic communication. Members who abuse the use of the membership mail/email list may be subject to expulsion from the Market by the Board without refund of any fees.

5. Satellite and Winter Markets: The Columbia Farmers Market may open and operate markets at sites other than the location on Clinkscales Ave.

6. Senior Market Director: The Columbia Farmers Market Board may employ or select a Senior Market Director, whose duties shall be to direct the activities of the CFM at all of its various sites. The Senior Market Director shall a) seek out and write grants for funding CFM programs, b) plan and coordinate advertising for CFM markets, c) coordinate market activities with community activities and programs, d) perform other duties as necessary to promote the best interest of CFM, its vendors & its customers.

7. Market Manager: The Columbia Farmers Market Board may employ or select a Market Manager, whose duties shall be collecting daily fees, assigning market stalls, supervising the market and other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors. The Manager will be final authority on the day of Market – all decisions may be appealed to the Board for later consideration.

8. Stall Policy:

A. Membership fee will be $400. This fee allows the vendor to sell at the market for the entire season in a space assigned by the Market Manager on a daily and space available basis.

B. ‘Annual’ (reserved) stalls– Annual stalls are determined at the March vendor meeting. (A vendor does not need an annual stall to sell at the Market.) Members are limited to 2 annual stalls. (This exempts members who currently hold more than 2 annual stalls.)
Fees for annual stalls will be as follows:

$400+ $225 annual stall fee = $625 for membership & 1 annual stall.
$400+ $225+ $250 second annual stall fee = $875for membership & 2 annual stalls.
$400 + $225 + $250 + $300 third annual stall fee = $1175 for membership & 3 annual stalls.

C. Continuance of Occupancy – Members who had annual spaces the previous year will have the option to renew the same space for the next season. Members holding annual stalls must notify the Market Manager of their intent to retain their stall(s) by the date of the February membership meeting, or the stall will be forfeited. Fees must be paid no later than the March membership meeting.

D. Any available annual stalls will be drawn by lottery at the March meeting and interested eligible parties must be present for the drawing. Annual spaces available will be assigned by lot to market members requesting them. A stall waiting list for annual stalls is maintained by the Board. The list is ranked by seniority based on years of continuous membership. As stalls become available, individuals with most seniority on the list will draw for the opportunity to rent a stall. Seniority guarantees the opportunity to obtain a stall through drawings before those having less seniority. Vendors will be placed on the waiting list according to the earliest year of continuous membership.

E. Stall Trades – Members with annual spaces will be able to trade with the approval of the Board.

F. Subleasing – No member shall sublease, sell or permit anyone to use their space; this right is reserved for the Market.

G. CFM members who do not hold annual stalls shall pay a $10 daily Saturday fee not to exceed $120 for the outdoor season. First year members without annual stalls are exempt from these fees.

H. Daily vendors (non-members) or members using an additional stall on a daily basis shall pay a daily rental fee of $25.00 for members and $75.00 per stall for non-members on Saturday.

9. The Columbia Farmers Market, Inc. and its Board of Directors are not responsible for product liability or the paying of sales taxes for individual vendors. Each member/vendor shall provide proof of sales tax status (tax number) on their member application form.

10. Because type of product and cultural practices are important to some customers, the market expects members to truthfully represent their products and operations.

11. The Columbia Farmers Market, Inc. will not discriminate against anyone because of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

12. Vendors wishing to utilize electricity shall pay an additional yearly fee of $50 for each electric line. Generator use will only be allowed if adequate power is not available.

13. For reasons of personal and food safety, animals (except service animals) and bicycles are prohibited in the market area.

14. No smoking will be allowed in the Market area.

15. All children in the care of vendors during Saturday Market need to be supervised by an adult
at the vendor’s stall.

16. Winter Markets – CFM may operate a ‘winter’ market for certain winter months. Market fees for the winter market shall be determined on a yearly basis and dependent on an available indoor location.