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Niobrara Naturals: Always All Natural Handcrafted Goodness

Sometimes you can’t have it all… unless your Sarah Pelc of Niobrara Naturals. Sarah is a full-time business owner, entrepreneur and the sole creator of each of her products. When you ask Sarah what she does for a living, she’ll provide you with a list of handcrafted 100% natural skincare products. However, Sarah’s accomplishments can’t be quantified by her exquisite products alone.

At first, her purely altruistic nature and humility might cloak her ingenious business savvy capabilities. After enjoying each of her enticing products, it’s clear, Sarah’s ambition and ingenuity are endless. From her well tailored website, to her beautifully designed booth at the farmers market, to her impeccable line of products, Sarah might just conquer the natural skincare world one day! You might ponder the significance of the name “Niobrara Naturals” and how the name might personify Sarah’s business, all one must do is ask, “The name Niobrara Naturals speaks more to the heart of my business: crafting not just skincare products, but ones that are all natural and oh so good for your skin!” Sarah further explains, “The name Niobrara means, ‘Wide-spreading water’. The Niobrara River, located in Nebraska, is my ancestral home. My ancestors settled on this river when they immigrated to America, and my parents also happened to meet while canoeing on the river! So, when we were coming up with a family farm name, years ago, we chose ‘Niobrara’ because it is where our family’s story began. When I began my business in 2013, I simply built off of the family farm name, and that’s the short story behind the name Niobrara Naturals!”

Upon hearing what an average workday looks like for Sarah, her ambition is evident, “I do everything myself from making the products, developing the recipes for them (with my sister’s help with the candle and lip balm recipes), designing labels and labeling products, packaging orders, social media marketing, and everything in-between. There is certainly never a lack of something to do!”
Nearly every week day, you can find Sarah either in her kitchen, whipping up a batch of body butter, making a batch of soap (or two!), or making any of the other products that need a stovetop or sink. Or perhaps, she’ll be in her workroom with a pot of wax melting and long lines of jars all ready and waiting to be turned into candles. During the melting process, other tasks like cutting logs of soap into bars or packaging up orders will take place. And of course, Fridays are always the days to get ready for market. Her workload varies from week to week, with the average work day typically lasting 6-8 hours, though during the very busy seasons, she’ll spend never-ending hours filling online orders and preparing products for the market.

Running a business all by herself might seem like a challenge, but she always carries herself with grace, “I also have the encouragement and support of my family, and my dad often does my Post Office runs to mail orders for me which is a blessing!”

Each of her products provide beneficial properties, “Creating all natural skincare products that do not contain synthetic nor harmful chemicals is something that has long been a passion of mine. Your skin is your largest organ. Anything put on your skin is absorbed into your body to some level.

Making it so important to ensure that what comes into contact with your skin, and your family’s, is good and healthy for you. Each product offered has been carefully developed and is handcrafted to a high standard of quality. You can use each of my products confidently, knowing that your skin will love them and that each product is good, safe, and beneficial for you.”
Her 100% natural skincare product line currently includes goat milk soaps, deodorants, body butters, lip balms, sugar scrubs, and bath salts, “My goat milk soap is much more moisturizing and less drying to the skin than a regular bar of soap due to the cream in the milk. My deodorants, including those that are baking-soda free, work very effectively and typically give all day protection. As for my lip balms, they provide long lasting moisture. The bath salts are therapeutic, relaxing and mineral rich, whereas the sugar scrubs are for moisturizing and exfoliating. My body butters are made from a variety of deeply moisturizing and skin softening butters and oils, providing long lasting moisturization. When handcrafting the body butter, the butters and oils are melted, chilled, and then whipped to create a body butter with a soft consistency that melts into your skin.”

For Sarah, her business is not only monetarily beneficial, she’s rewarded each market day with the knowledge she’s helping each of her customers, as well as making a living with her own two hands, “I very much enjoy interacting with my customers and helping them live healthier, happier lives by providing them with natural skincare products to meet their needs. And it makes it even more rewarding to hear testimonials from my customers such as how using the goat milk soap and body butter significantly improved their child’s eczema after struggling with it for years, or how they finally found a natural deodorant that works very well for them, or simply how much they love each of the products. I have always loved crafting with my hands, and it has been a blessing to be able to do something I love as a business! It is so satisfying to be able to take raw, natural ingredients and turn them into beautiful, handcrafted skincare for others to be able to use and enjoy.”

But Sarah doesn’t quit at producing only heavenly body products for her customers, her clean-burning soy candle scents are perfect for warming any room of your home. “The soy candles are made with natural soy wax, natural cotton wicks, and phthalate-free fragrances that are infused with natural essential oils.”

Having sold her products at the market since 2015, she appreciates the opportunity to sell directly to her customers, “I really like being a part of the Columbia Farmers Market, and it has been such a good venue to provide my products directly to our local community. The camaraderie among the vendors, the interactions and more personal relationships that develop with customers, the fun atmosphere, makes being a vendor there every Saturday a much enjoyed experience. The market also supports our local producers and helps grow our local economy. And there is something to be said about being able to purchase your products directly from your local farmer, grower or artisan. I love being there for my customers . . . meeting their skincare needs, answering questions that they might have, and continuing to provide them products that are handcrafted to a high standard of quality.”

You’re always welcome to ask Sarah about her products year-round at the Saturday market. However, if you’re traveling from out-of-town, or would like to ship Niobrara Naturals gift sets directly to your friends and family, her helpful website provides information about each of her products. In addition, Sarah’s blog provides her the opportunity to share her beautiful pictures of her family farm and the health benefits of her ingredients.

This Saturday, get to know the only thing better than Niobrara Natural products, get to know Sarah! She’s always happy to answer your questions and share her extensive knowledge of essential oils and all-natural products with you.

“The name Niobrara Naturals speaks more to the heart of my business: crafting not just skincare products, but ones that are all natural and oh so good for your skin!"
-Sarah Pelc
Columbia Farmers Market

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