Vendor Spotlight: Bluebird Composting

Bluebird Composting

signbbBlue Bird Composting's Farm, Fulton, MO

A few weeks ago I had the chance to visit Bluebird Composting, where I got a closer look at their composting and farming operations. A relatively new member of the Columbia Farmers Market, they come to market each week selling fresh vegetables, free range eggs and their OMRI certified organic compost.

field copy farm manager, Chelsea Bunetic 

Their compositing operation is quite extensive, with the initial organic material going through many different stages before considered finished compost. From start to end the owner, Rana Bains, and his employees ensure that the compost produced is of the highest quality.

ranaexplainsOwner, Rana Bains, explains his composting process and the use of a sifter to screen out large  particles from the compost

An important part of their operation is the collecting and recycling of organic matter from food businesses and institutions around mid-Missouri. By building relationships with these different businesses, they have helped close a very big gap between food production and consumption, capturing nutrients and creating a valuable product from what would normally be seen as waste.

finishing compostOne of the many stages of their composting process

The idea of Bluebird Composting started when Rana first became interested in compost through a sustainable agriculture program at the University of Vermont. Now sustainability is the foundation and goal of his business as he works to cultivate it socially, environmentally and economically. He appreciates creating a product put to use growing food, and knowing that despite the many challenges Bluebird Composting is contributing to a better, healthier world.

compost copyRana inspecting the progress of his aging compost

In order to ensure a reliable product, when the compost is finished  Bluebird sends it off to a third-party for testing as well as performs their own germination test and uses it to grow their vegetables. In this way, Rana can be certain that he knows the quality of his compost firsthand.  

birds copyChelsea working in the vegetable field at Bluebird's farm

 In the end, Rana believes that Bluebird isn't just a farm but, "a business dedicated to helping this planet through closed loop recycling. Our organic waste recycling program diverts food waste from landfills where it would otherwise pollute our environment. We then recycle it into a beneficial soil amendment that builds up our vital soil web. "