Sandy Creek Farm

Sandy Creek FarmRonda and Randy Thiessen
Howard County

Products Offered: Cherries, apples, peaches, pears, pecans, blueberries


Sandy Creek Mareket StandOn our farm, we grow a variety of fruits and nuts. We have native pecans that have been growing here for many years. We started planting fruit trees in the mid-90’s for our own kitchen. We were soon getting offers from friends and family who wanted to buy fruit. We enjoyed growing the fruit, so each year expanded our orchard until now we have over 300 trees. We grow several varieties of sweet cherries, sour cherries, blueberries, persimmons, apricots, pears, plums, apples, several varieties of pecans, and 30 varieties of peaches. Our free range chickens help with pest control in the orchard and provide us with eggs and meat. We raise South Poll cattle for our own meat and have Jersey cows for milk.

Our goal is to provide fruit to our customers at the peak of ripeness. We pick our fruit the night before or the day of markets so that the fruit is perfectly ripe and has the most flavor.