CFM Vendor Area Eligibility

As a producer-only market, everything sold at the Columbia Farmer's Market is offered by the farmers and artisans who help sustain the culture, economy, and environment of our region. If you did not grow or produce it yourself, you cannot sell it here. This ensures the freshest and highest quality product for our consumers, who can find out exactly where their food came from and how it was grown or raised. The Columbia Farmers Market has almost 90 vendors, most of whom are located in or near Boone County.

Our Map Radius

Vendors must be located within a specific radius of the market, defined by rule 4A as an distance less than or equal to the furthest point in Boone or a contiguous county (the NE corner of Audrain County, ~55 miles).


  Details of allowed vendor radius

As defined above, the vendor radius is equivalent to the NE corner of Audrain County, or a radius of ~55 miles. Below is a detailed description of this area.

  • Boone- entire county
  • Callaway- entire county
  • Cole- entire county
  • Moniteau- entire county
  • Cooper- entire county
  • Howard- entire county
  • Randolph- entire county
  • Audrain- entire county

Southwest edge of Pike

All but the eastern edge of Montgomery, including the cities of Middletown, Wellsville, Buell, Bellflower, Montgomery City, Danville, New Florence, High Hill, Mineola, Big Spring, Americus, McKittrick, and Rhineland

Western edge of Warren

Northwest third of Gasconade, including the cities of Hermann, Gasconade, Bay, Morrison, and Mount Sterling

All but the southeast corner of Osage, including the cities of Chamois, Frankenstein, Bonnots Mill, Loose Creek, Linn, Rich Fountain, Westphalia, Folk, Freeburg, Argyle, Meta, Koeltztown, and Babbtown

Northwest quarter of Maries

Northern two-thirds of Miller, including the cities of Saint Elizabeth, Tuscumbia, Marys Home, Bagnell, Lakeland, Eldon, Etterville, and Olean

All but the southwestern portion of Morgan, including the cities of Rocky Mount, Barnett, Gravois Mill, Versailles, Glensted, Stover, Florence, Fortuna, Syracuse

Northeastern corner of Benton, including the city of Mora

Half of Pettis, including the cities of Bahner, Smithton, Sedalia, Hughesville, Dresden, Houstonia and Longwood

Eastern two-thirds of Saline, including the cities of Nelson, Napton, Arrow Rock, Marshall, Slater, Miami and Gilliam

Southeast corner of Carroll including the city of De Witt

Southeastern half of Chariton, including the cities of Forest Green, Shannondale, Salisbury, Dalton, Keytesville, Brunswick, Prairie Hill, Bynumville and Wien

Southern edge of Macon, including the cities of Kaseyville, College Mound, Excello, Macon and Anabel

Southwestern corner of Shelby, including the cities of Maud, Clarence, Lentner, Shelbina and Lakenan

All but the northeastern corner of Monroe, including the cities of Middle Grove, Madison, Duncans Bridge, Woodlawn, Granville, Paris, Holliday, Santa Fe, Florida, Stoutsville and Indian Creek

Southwestern third of Ralls, including the city of Perry

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