Vendor Spotlight: Sullivan Farms

In the United States, the average farmer is 57 years old. However, the Sullivans are an exception. They are demonstrating that the younger generation, too, is interested in growing food and providing for their   community. Bill and Brittany Sullivan first became involved with local food while living in Florida. What motivated them most was realizing the importance  of knowing where food comes from, who grows it and how its grown. From producing their own food in a kitchen garden, their ideas evolved into having an entire sustainable farm. Three years ago they moved to Missouri to begin this project and now grow enough food for themselves and the community, specializing in pasture-raised pork, vegetables, jams, jellies and eggs.

This year they began the transition from vegetable production to pork. The young farmers started raising heritage pigs and now have Polland China Spotted, Hampshire and Berkshires. All their pigs are raised and rotated on fresh pasture, fed whey (a cheese byproduct from Goastbeard Farm) and NON GMO feed made up of wheat, oats, and salt. They are passionate about the way they farm, and believe in raising happy healthy hogs.

Throughout the years they have learned to appreciate farming and enjoy working with the earth, being outside and spending time with all the animals and their family. The Sullivans love coming to market and getting to know the customers week after week. Being sincere food producers, they welcome any questions about their practices and encourage people to keep asking. Brittany, with her dedication to growing all local food, admits that one of her favorite things is to sit down as a family for dinner each night and hear her daughter tell where all her food comes from, whether from their farm or other local farms.